What Data is Collected?

The AgentOps SDK uses psutil to gather certain information about the machine that it is being run on. This data includes information about:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Operating System

How is it used?

This data is used only for determining issues with the host environment and reporting this on your dashboard.

Example: Your agent performed slower because of a reduction in available memory

This data is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is never sold or shared.


AgentOps users can opt out of certain environment data collection by setting an environment variable.


Using an environment variable allows you to disable tracking of this data while developing on a local machine. You can enable it again when deploying in a production environment.

Opting out is not recommended by AgentOps, as it reduces information used to debug in the agent development process, but AgentOps respects our privacy conscious users and has made opting out available.

For more questions on privacy and data usage, please contact us on our official Discord.