CrewAI is a framework for easily building multi-agent applications.

AgentOps and CrewAI teamed up to make monitoring Crew agents dead simple.


🚨 NOTE: At this time, Crew with AgentOps integration is in pre-release. In the interim, a pre-release branch has been made available. After official support is released, this branch will be deprecated and developers will be encouraged to use the core Crew SDK.

Install crew from the prerelease branch:

pip install git+https://github.com/bboynton97/crewAI.git@prerelease

Using Crew

Crew has comprehensive documentation available as well as a great Crew Quickstart.

Adding AgentOps to Crew agents

Create a user API key here: https://app.agentops.ai/account

Add your API key to your environment variables


Before calling the constructor Crew() in your script, include these lines:

import agentops

Crew + AgentOps Examples