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AgentOps is your new terminal

Terminals suck

  • • Lose track of what your agents did in between executions
  • • Parsing through terminal output searching for LLM completions
  • • Printing “tool called”

AgentOps doesn't

  • • Visual dashboard so you can see what your agents did in human-readable format
  • • LLM calls are magically recorded - prompt, completion, timestamps for each - with one line of code
  • • Agents and their events (including tool calls) are recorded with one more line of code
  • • Errors are magically associated to its causal event
  • • Record any other events to your session with two more lines of code
  • • Tons of other useful data if you’re developing with supported agent frameworks: SDK version

The AgentOps Dashboard

With just two lines of code, you can free yourself from the chains of the terminal and instead visualize your agents’ behavior in your AgentOps Dashboard. After setting up AgentOps, each execution of your program is recorded as a session and the above data is automatically recorded for you.

The examples below were captured with two lines of code.

Session Drilldown

Here you will find a list of all of your previously recorded sessions and useful data about each such as total execution time. You also get helpful debugging info such as any SDK versions you were on if you’re building on a supported agent framework like Crew or AutoGen. LLM calls are presented as a familiar chat history view, and charts give you a breakdown of the types of events that were called and how long they took.

Session Summary

Find any past sessions from your Session Drawer.

Session Drawer

Most powerful of all is the Session Waterfall. On the left, a time visualization of all your LLM calls, Action events, Tool calls, and Errors. On the right, specific details about the event you’ve selected on the waterfall. For instance the exact prompt and completion for a given LLM call. Most of which has been automatically recorded for you.

Session Waterfall

Session Overview

View a meta-analysis of all of your sessions in a single view.

Session Overview